Policies & Procedures


There are many facilities in the Hadley Union Building (HUB) available for use by groups within the University community. These facilities are reserved by completion of the reservation forms available at the Information Desk in the HUB.

Upon submission of completed form, the reservation will be confirmed. One form must be submitted for each date on which the reservation is desired. No reservation will be accepted by the phone. A reservation submitted by a recognized campus group must contain the advisor’s signature before it can be accepted. Departments and administrative offices are considered recognized campus groups for this purpose.


  1. EVENTS SPONSORED BY RECOGNIZED CAMPUS GROUPS OPEN TO THE UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY AT NO CHARGE. Facilities for these events may be reserved at no charge except for after-hour events (see below), which will assessed $.65/ student worker/ hour after midnight.
  2. EVENTS SPONSORED BY RECOGNIZED CAMPUS GROUPS OPEN ONLY TO MEMBERS OF THAT GROUP OR OTHERWISE RESTRICED. If these are meetings of a club or organization and are booked during normal hours of operation of the HUB, there will be no charge for the use of facilities. If an after-hours event (see below) is scheduled, a charge of $4.00/ student worker/ hour after midnight will be assessed.
  3. EVENTS SPONSORED BY A RECOGNIZED CAMPUS GROUP OPEN TO THE UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY AT A FEE. If the proceeds from this type of event go into the Student Fund or to a recognized charity, the event will be treated as described in paragraph 1, above. If the proceeds go into the Central Treasury or other checking-type account (or will be distributed in such a wat to benefit only the members of the organization), a one hour charge for room rental (see below) will be assessed. If such an event is an after-hours event (see below), a charge of $4.00/ student worker/ hour after midnight will be assessed.
  4. AN EVENT SPONSORED BY A RECOGANIZED CAMPUS GROUP THAT PRIMARILY INVOLVES PARTICIPANTS WHO ARE NOT I-CARD HOLDERS (CHEERLEADING & BAND CAMPS, CONTINUING EDUCATION, ETC.) These groups will be assessed the room rental charges described below, but at a 50% discount. After-hours events (see below) will be assessed a fee of $4.00/ student worker/ hours after midnight.
  5. AN EVENT SPONOSRED BY AN OUTSIDE GROUP (COMMERCIAL EVENT, TRADE FAIR, ETC.) Reservations for these types of events are accepted at the discretion of Co-op management. Organizations sponsoring these types of events will be assessed the room rental rate described below under “FEE TO OUTSIDE GROUPS.” After-hours events (see below) will be assessed a fee of $4.00/ student worker/ hours after midnight.

Questions concerning these classifications should be referred to the Director of the Hadley Union Building & Campus Recreation.

The unique aspects of the areas available to be reserved within the HUB are summarized on the following chart:

Room Occupancy Fee to Outside Groups Notes 
 Knowlton   45   $10/hour  Boardroom Set
 Allegheny  70  $30/hour  Can be divided into three rooms
 Monongahela  80  $30/hour   Can be divided into two rooms
 Conemaugh  40  $10/hour  Boardroom Set
 Susquehanna  100  $30/hour  
 Ohio Room  700  $100/hour  Multi-Purpose Room
 Table Space    $10/hour  

Reservations for the Ohio Room must be submitted ten days in advance. Reservations for the Knowlton, Allegheny, Monongahela, Conemaugh, Susquehanna, and table space must be submitted three days in advance.

The Student Co-op reserves the right to accept or reject reservations based on their compatibility with other events going on concurrently within the building.


After-Hours Events: Events planned Sunday through Thursday must be concluded as to comply with the 11:00pm closing time of the building. Events planned of Friday and Saturday evenings may conclude later, if necessary arrangements are made when the facility is reserved. This may involve financial charges for student security.

Catering: The Hadley Union Building is considered to be an on-campus facility and as such, groups using the HUB rooms for catered functions must abide by the IUP meal service policy. A copy of this document is available from the Office of Housing and Residence Life (Sutton G-14).

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited within the Hadley Union.

If an event is catered, the utensils, left-over food and beverage, serving equipment, etc. must be removed from the building following the event. The Student Co-op assumes no responsibility for the storage or removal of such items.

Special Equipment and Room Set-Ups: Six foot program tables and chairs are available to be set up in any configuration that the user desires (except in rooms where the set-up is permanent). These needs should be indicated when the reservation form is submitted.

Full and half podiums, as as marking boards are available for use anywhere within the HUB.

The student Co-op does not own film, slide, or overhead projectors, projector screens (with the exception of the screens permanently mounted in the Multi-Purpose Room), or portable PA systems. In any equipment along these lines is desired, arrangements should be made with media resources (357-2343, Davis Hall). These arrangements are the responsibility of the group reserving the Union facility.

Every effort will be made by the Co-op staff to have the room(s) set up in the desired configuration prior to the reserving group’s starting time. Co-op staff must be consulted if these arrangements need to be altered.

Hadley Union Facility Use Policies


It is the prerogative of the Co-op staff to insist on compliance with these security guidelines. They apply primarily to social events, such as concerts or dances.

Co-op Student Security: The Student Co-op retains a Student Security crew whose primary responsibility is to prevent abuse of the building and to make sure that the University and the Co-op polices concerning the prohibition of alcoholic beverages and drugs is adhered to.

Constables: At the request of the Student Co-op, groups sponsoring late-night dances, concerts, or other similar events may be asked to provide constables for security and crowd control. The Co-op staff can facilitate these arrangements, but payment for these services is the responsibility of the organization sponsoring the event.


Recognized campus organizations may reserve table space in the lobby of hallway of the Hadley Union for the purpose of solicitation. Groups doing so must abide by the IUP Solicitation Policy, a copy of which may be obtained at the Information Desk in the HUB.


The College Lodge is available for use by groups within the University community or by valid I-Card holders. Inquiries into reserving this facility can be completed online or at the Hadley Union Building (HUB).

All events must end before 11:00pm and all individuals must be off of the premises by 12:00am. Private individuals renting this facility must have a valid I-Card and will need to provide insurance on the building(s) they are renting. If an event will have alcohol, then additional insurance must be provided.

All private events will require a $250 refundable security deposit and a $350 rental fee. Completed reservations, insurance, and check must be submitted at least one week prior to the event. For further information please call 724-357-1397.