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About the SGA

What is SGA?
IUP’s Student Government Association is the voice of the students
in matters at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Its members are recognized as Senators in the University Senate, with equal voting rights on any matters before that body.

How was SGA formed?
In 1982, Pennsylvania Act 188, which also established PASSHE recognized the SGA as the representative body of IUP's student population.

What are the different committees in SGA, and
what do they do?

SGA is divided into four committees:
Internal Affairs, External Affairs, Rules, and Public Relations.
For more information, please see the Committees page.

How are members of SGA elected?
See How to join SGA

What does the SGA do for me, the student?
The SGA is a place where student concerns and complaints should
be voiced. When students feel as though they have an issue that pertains to IUP, the SGA should be contacted. SGA is dedicated to bringing student concerns to the appropriate venues, and lobbying
for them.

For more information…
Please see the SGA Bylaws and Constitution contained in
this website, or visit the Contact SGA section.

2013 SGA Fall Schedule


The mission of the
Student Government Association (SGA), is to provide IUP students with representation, services and advocacy within the university structure. The Student Government Association provides
quality leadership for,
and accountability to its constituency by recognizing that strength arises from diversity, engagement,
and dialogue.


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